Wolves and Girls & Other Dark Gems

Publication date: July 25, 2023. Preorders available now!

From the dark and enchanting mind of Maria Haskins comes 38 weird and wonderful stories featuring werewolves, lost girls, shapeshifters, ghosts, and more.

In Wolves and Girls and Other Dark Gems, you can travel across the stars in an old space freighter, venture across bridges with trolls rumoured to live underneath, join the resistance fighting against a kaiju invasion, and bring comfort to a captured unicorn.

Along the way, Maria Haskins defies expectations and blends genres, always seeking the darkness at the heart of a tale and exposing the dangerous beauty concealed within. This collection introduces readers to a fierce and prolific fantasist with a voice that’s uniquely her own.

This collection teaches us we can’t always tell where the threat truly lies and shows us the humanity within even the darkest monsters. Precise, gloriously dangerous, and always dark, every tale is a jewel to be treasured.

With an introduction by E. Catherine Tobler.