About “Cuts & Collected Poems”

A 5-star review from Ben Ditmars:

“…her talent is beyond seasoned. The passion, words, and emotion behind every poem are astonishing and mesmerizing.”

Swedish reviews of Maria Haskins’ poetry:

  • “The poems…radiate an inner confidence. — …innocence is the neighbour of cruelty, or rather: it is rarely possible to tell them apart. — …she does not just have the courage to kill, but also the courage to write banality, to write peace, to write happiness, to write white as snow.” – Per Svensson, Expressen, April 4, 1989
  • “very strong debut collection….” – Magnus William-Olsson, Aftonbladet May 6, 1989
  • “has enough personal intensity and linguistic authority that you are prepared to continue listening… experiences of love and death, desire and horror are the volcanic forces in her poetry.” – Leif Nylén, Dagens Nyheter, April 10, 1989
  • “writes with passion and great gravity” – Torkel Rasmusson, Dagens Nyheter, March 23, 1992
  • “One does not doubt for a moment that she is formulating something that is crucial…” – Åsa Beckman, Dagens Nyheter March 30, 1995

About Odin’s Eye

Author Maria Savva:

These are stories that are to be savoured. There is a depth to the tales that can only be fully appreciated by taking time to really read and digest every sentence, every nuance. Each sentence is skillfully crafted. — Her stories show a deep understanding of the human condition.

Josh Johnson:

Through astonishing imagery and great character development each story of “Odin’s Eye” gives its own unique perspective on the human experience. There is so much depth in the portrayal of human frailty…”

Leon Todd:

Can’t recommend this book highly enough. Insightful, thought provoking and truly epic Sci Fi…

Julie Powell:

…thoughtful, deep, sensitive, intelligent and hard hitting.