Under tryck / Under pressure, by Tomas Tranströmer

Transtromer prefers still, pared-down arrangements that rely more on image and tone than, say, peculiarities of diction or references to local culture. The voice is typically calm yet weary, as if the lines were meant to be read after midnight, in an office from which everyone else had gone home. And his gift for metaphor… Continue reading Under tryck / Under pressure, by Tomas Tranströmer

RIP Tomas Tranströmer

Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer has died. He won the Nobel Literature Prize in 2011, and when he won, the Swedish Academy said in the prize announcement: "through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality". Others have praised his "elegant descriptions of long Swedish winters, the rhythm of the seasons and the palpable, atmospheric… Continue reading RIP Tomas Tranströmer