Cover story: the Helix Nebula & “Odin’s Eye”

When I made the decision to publish my collection of short-stories as an ebook, I realized pretty quickly that I needed a good-looking cover. After a brief attempt at putting something together myself (NO!), I headed off into cyber-space looking for a professional to do the job for me. I ended up going to Caligraphics: a company… Continue reading Cover story: the Helix Nebula & “Odin’s Eye”

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ODIN’S EYE: introducing the stories

Here's something I've learned about myself recently: one of the few things that makes me more uncomfortable than writing my own bio, is writing a synopsis of my own stories. Not so good when you have to do both those things for various websites and book-blurbs! I really find it extremely difficult to describe my own writing… Continue reading ODIN’S EYE: introducing the stories

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I cobbled together a promo-video for ODIN’S EYE

Movie Maker must be one heck of a program, because even I can apparently make some kind of videos using it! (And no, this is not paid advertising... I kind of wish it was!) My latest project: a promo-video for my ebook Odin's Eye. Take a look at the results, and check out the book as… Continue reading I cobbled together a promo-video for ODIN’S EYE


ODIN’S EYE is now available for purchase online!

My ebook Odin's Eye, a collection of science fiction short-stories, is now available for purchase online! My heart's a-flutter, I'm in a cold sweat, and my hands are shaking, so I know it's for real. Get your copy from one of these online retailers: Smashwords (download available in various ebook formats, including epub, mobi for Kindle, txt,… Continue reading ODIN’S EYE is now available for purchase online!

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Me and my book at Amazon (and elsewhere)

After wrestling with spell-check and formatting yesterday, my author page is now live at Amazon: Maria Haskins at Amazon. And you can also pre-order my book at and other Amazon outlets: Odin's Eye at Amazon. Release date is March 16! (Yes, I am getting excited about this!) Amazon's ebooks are all in Kindle-format, so… Continue reading Me and my book at Amazon (and elsewhere)


Spell-check and other horrors

I just submitted my ebook Odin's Eye to Amazon today, after wrangling with making a new version of the script for upload. The formatting is somewhat different than Smashwords rather stringent style-guide. (Smashwords converts your file into various different formats, while Amazon publishes in .mobi for Kindles and the Kindle App.) At least it was… Continue reading Spell-check and other horrors

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ODIN’S EYE now available for pre-order!

Yes, it's finally happening! I still feel a bit terrified about the whole thing, putting my short stories out there in English, but it's time. It's definitely time. My collection of science fiction short stories, titled Odin's Eye, will be available from Smashwords on March 16th, 2015. To quote the blurb I wrote myself: These… Continue reading ODIN’S EYE now available for pre-order!