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Writing & listening – style, flow & rhythm

Writing is a kind of way of speaking, and I hear it and I think a lot of readers hear it, too. And so the sounds of the language and the rhythm and the cadence of the sentences are very powerful. - Ursula K. Le Guin, in an interview with NPR There are a lot… Continue reading Writing & listening – style, flow & rhythm

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My favourite books to read again and again and again

I love it when I read a new book that pulls me in and doesn't let go. It happened to me when I first read Bernard Cornwell's books about King Arthur: The Winter King, Enemy of God, and Excalibur. (They're a truly original take on Merlin, magic, Lancelot and all that jazz. A book that… Continue reading My favourite books to read again and again and again

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Science fiction books I love

   Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels These books are so much fun to read: action-oriented, old-school, history-infused science fiction. I have a big soft spot for the initial trilogy especially, but the rest of the series is a great read as well. For me, one of the most interesting things about these books when I first… Continue reading Science fiction books I love