Books & Anthologies

Dark Flash 4 – A collection of my flash fiction from The Word Count Podcast from 2019

Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Volume 6 – includes my story “The Wayfinder and His Sister” (originally published at Cast of Wonders)

A Punk Rock Future includes my story “Deepster Punks”. Buy from Amazon. / Buy from B&N. / Buy from Indiebound.

Tales of Magic & Destiny – includes my story “Stars Above, Shadows Beneath”. Buy the anthology from Amazon.

Interzone #280– includes my story “And You Shall Sing to Me a Deeper Song”. Buy the issue and/or subscribe.

Flash Fiction Online Anthology 2018 – includes my story “The Ghost in Angelica’s Room”. Buy it from Weightless BooksBuy it from Amazon.

Curiosities #5 – includes my story “Scent”, originally published in Flash Fiction Online. Available in paperback as an ebook. All the purchase links are here.

Gorgon: Stories of Emergence – includes my story “Bioluminescence” originally published in Phobos Magazine. Available from Amazon.

Dark Flash 3 – a collection of my flash fiction for The Word Count Podcast in 2018.

The Internet is Where the Robots Live Now – includes my story “The Maker”. Buy it from Paper Dog Books / / B&N.

Heroines: an anthology of short fiction and poetry – includes my story “Three Pieces of Gold, Three Pieces of Silver”Available via Neo Perennial Press. Buy the book.

Alien Invasion Short Stories – includes my story “Long As I Can See the Light” (also available in the anthology People Are Strange).

Abandoned Places – includes my story “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar”

Shimmer 2017 – The Collected Stories – Includes my story “Hare’s Breath”

Dark Flash 2 – A collection of my flash fiction from The Word Count Podcast from 2017

Phobos Issue Four: Deep Black Sea – Includes my story ‘Bioluminescence’.

Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology Volume III: Horror – Includes my flash fiction story ‘Scent’.

Dark Flash– A collection of my flash fiction stories from The Word Count Podcast in 2016

Just Desserts – An anthology that includes my fantasy tale “Seven Kinds of Baked Goods”. (Read my story notes.)

People Are Strange – an anthology that includes my science fiction story “Long As I Can See The Light”, and my fantasy romp “The Breaking Of The World”. (Read my story notes.)

Tales From Alternate Earths – an alternate history anthology that includes my story “Tunguska, 1987”. (Read my story notes.)

Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015 – translations of my previously published Swedish poetry and a new collection of poetry written in English.

Odin’s Eye – a collection of science fiction short stories.

Lost And Found: A short story from ODIN’S EYE

Waiting For The Machines To Fall Asleep – an anthology of Swedish science fiction that includes my short story ‘Lost And Found’ from ODIN’S EYE.

Kärlek i maskinernas tid – A Swedish science fiction anthology published by Affront Förlag in Sweden. It includes my short story ‘Bethel’, available in English in ODIN’S EYE.


14 thoughts on “Books & Anthologies”

  1. […] Maria Haskins. She writes science fiction. I’d been connected to her online for ages and didn’t know she was a writer. When she released her collection of short stories, Odin’s Eye, I bought it straight away as she’s a great supporter of indie writers. I really enjoyed the stories even though science fiction not my usual choice of read. She writes with such depth and her stories are very creative. I’ll be looking out for more books from her. […]


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