Books & Anthologies

Heroines: an anthology of short fiction and poetry – includes my story “Three Pieces of Gold, Three Pieces of Silver”Available via Neo Perennial Press. Buy the book.

Alien Invasion Short Stories – includes my story “Long As I Can See the Light” (also available in the anthology People Are Strange).

Abandoned Places – includes my story “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar”

Shimmer 2017 – The Collected Stories – Includes my story “Hare’s Breath”

Dark Flash 2 – A collection of my flash fiction from 2017

Phobos Issue Four: Deep Black Sea – Includes my story ‘Bioluminescence’.

Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology Volume III: Horror – Includes my flash fiction story ‘Scent’.

Dark Flash – A collection of my flash fiction stories from 2016

Just Desserts – An anthology that includes my fantasy tale “Seven Kinds of Baked Goods”. (Read my story notes.)

People Are Strange – an anthology that includes my science fiction story “Long As I Can See The Light”, and my fantasy romp “The Breaking Of The World”. (Read my story notes.)

Tales From Alternate Earths – an alternate history anthology that includes my story “Tunguska, 1987”. (Read my story notes.)

Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015 – translations of my previously published Swedish poetry and a new collection of poetry written in English.

Odin’s Eye – a collection of science fiction short stories.

Lost And Found: A short story from ODIN’S EYE

Waiting For The Machines To Fall Asleep – an anthology of Swedish science fiction that includes my short story ‘Lost And Found’ from ODIN’S EYE.

Kärlek i maskinernas tid – A Swedish science fiction anthology published by Affront Förlag in Sweden. It includes my short story ‘Bethel’, available in English in ODIN’S EYE.



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