In Swedish

These are my previously published books. All were published under my maiden name Maria Larsson, by the Swedish publisher Norstedts. All books are in Swedish.

Blå - Cover
Blå, a collection of poetry, published in 1989
Honung - Cover
Honung, a collection of poetry, published in 1992
Den tredje - Cover
Den tredje, a collection of poetry, published in 1995
Mimers Brunn - Cover
Mimers brunn, a collection of science fiction short stories, published in 1996
Tequila - Cover
Tequila, a novel, published in 2000


AnthologyBooks 003
Anthology – ‘Att skriva sin tid’, published 1993.
Anthology: 'Elva poeter', published 1998.
Anthology: ‘Elva poeter’, published 1998.
Anthology: 'Röster i Västerbotten', published 2003.
Anthology: ‘Röster i Västerbotten’, published 2003.
Anthology: 'Orden brinner i hjärnan', published 2004.
Anthology: ‘Orden brinner i hjärnan’, published 2004.

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