Monthly short fiction roundup – February 2017

I read a lot in February, it seems, but as usual I feel like I didn't read enough: there are so many great stories out there, just waiting to be devoured. I've come to the conclusion, that if I could ever clone myself, I'd make one clone just for reading. Anyway. Here are fifteen fantastic… Continue reading Monthly short fiction roundup – February 2017

Speculative short fiction roundup – January, 2017

I've run out of adjectives! After calling the stories in this monthly feature everything from "intriguing" to "incredible" since I started posting roundups a year ago, I've decided to cut to the chase and just name the posts  "short fiction roundup", since that's what it is. This month, for the first time, I am featuring stories… Continue reading Speculative short fiction roundup – January, 2017

9 incredible speculative fiction short stories

December was a busy month for me: lots of feasting, lots of traveling, lots of reading, too. Here are nine stories that are for keeps. Wooden Boxes Lined with the Tongues of Doves, by Claire Humphrey in Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Quite simply one of the best short stories I read in 2016. Magic, love, war,… Continue reading 9 incredible speculative fiction short stories

12 awesome speculative fiction short stories

It's been a strange month for me, and maybe some of you as well. Even so, I read some awesome short fiction, and here are my favourites. Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies, by Brooke Bolander in Uncanny Magazine. "This is not the story of how he killed me, thank fuck." The fiercest and most ferocious… Continue reading 12 awesome speculative fiction short stories

11 wondrous speculative fiction short stories

Another month gone by, another leap into the wealth of excellent speculative short fiction available online. There are so many wonderful websites and zines that publish short fiction these days: support the ones you like. Subscribe, use Patreon, buy single issues... it makes a difference to the sites and zines, and it makes a difference for… Continue reading 11 wondrous speculative fiction short stories

13 most excellent speculative fiction short stories

This month, like every month, I read a lot of amazing speculative short fiction. This is also the month when I've decided to switch from calling the stories I list "fantasy and science fiction", to calling them "speculative fiction". Quite simply because I include stories that are horror, magical realism, and, well... whatever other kind of… Continue reading 13 most excellent speculative fiction short stories

10 must-read fantasy & science fiction stories

I read some awesome speculative short fiction this month. As always, I don't pretend I've read everything out there, but here are some of my favourite things that I read in August. I Remember Your Face, by E.K. Wagner in Apex Magazine. I do love having my heart broken by great fiction, and this short story… Continue reading 10 must-read fantasy & science fiction stories

13 brilliant fantasy & science fiction short stories

I read a lot in July: both zine/online short fiction and books. I also discovered an important life-hack: reading short fiction when you're traveling long distances by plane is a most excellent way to pass the time in airports and on airplanes. Here are 13 brilliant short stories I encountered this month: The Big Bah-Ha, by… Continue reading 13 brilliant fantasy & science fiction short stories

11 fabulous fantasy & science fiction short stories

I've read a lot of great short stories this past month. Here are 11 of my favourites. You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay, by Alyssa Wong in Uncanny Magazine. "But here, as the mountains cup the sky with deep brown hands, the call to bound away, howling, with the coyotes in the brush becomes almost unbearable."… Continue reading 11 fabulous fantasy & science fiction short stories

13 exceptional science fiction & fantasy short stories

It seems I had lots of time to read short fiction this past month, because my shortlist of "great speculative short fiction I read online" is even longer than usual. I've tried to keep each list to nine stories, but this month it was impossible, so I went with 13 instead. So many fantastic stories, so… Continue reading 13 exceptional science fiction & fantasy short stories

9 amazing fantasy & scifi short stories

There is a wealth of amazing speculative fiction out there in the ether: so many great writers, so many great stories, so many great zines and websites. One of my quests this year, apart from "write more", is "read intensely" - specifically to read newer science fiction and fantasy. Turns out, this is one of the… Continue reading 9 amazing fantasy & scifi short stories

9 exceptional fantasy & scifi short stories

My latest haul of fantastic speculative short fiction from around the 'net. It really is an embarrassment of riches. Foxfire, Foxfire, by Yoon Ha Lee at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Battle-robots, shape-shifting, and a fantastic chase (with life and death hanging in the balance) come together with gorgeous prose in this fantastic story. It weaves together strands of… Continue reading 9 exceptional fantasy & scifi short stories

9 strange & captivating science fiction & fantasy short stories

"Read intensely", Ray Bradbury said once upon a time, and I'm trying to take his advice to heart. Here are 9 stories, published online, that caught my eye and interest the past few weeks. Tom, Thom, by K. M. Ferebee, at This short story about war, loss, wolves and not-wolves, brothers and not-brothers, and about… Continue reading 9 strange & captivating science fiction & fantasy short stories

9 weird & wonderful science fiction & fantasy short stories

In my continuing quest to read as much new and fabulous science fiction and fantasy as I possibly can, and shout about it on the internet, I'm sharing these nine short stories you can read online right now: weird, wonderful, and highly recommended. St. Dymphna’s School For Poison Girls, by Angela Slatter at Over the… Continue reading 9 weird & wonderful science fiction & fantasy short stories

9 intriguing science fiction & fantasy short stories

I've been reading a lot of new sci-fi and fantasy short fiction lately, delving into the many stories available in magazines and on websites that publish scifi and fantasy online. Here are nine stories I read and enjoyed the past few of weeks: Kaiju maximus®: “So Various, So Beautiful, So New”, by Kai Ashante Wilson in Fantasy Magazine. Another… Continue reading 9 intriguing science fiction & fantasy short stories