Writerly recap of October & November – stories published & sold, interviews & more

In November, I posted a list of my award eligible stories for 2017. It always feels a bit strange, tooting my own horn like that, but it's been a great year for me as a writer, and sometimes a list is a nice way to reflect on that, no matter whether it's awards season or… Continue reading Writerly recap of October & November – stories published & sold, interviews & more

Writerly recap of August & September, 2017 – stories published & sold + bits & bobs

August, and especially September, seem to have gone by in a flash. September is always a bit of a muddle, with the kids going back to school and me trying to get the hang of their schedule and trying to get back into my own schedule of writing, writing, and reading (and then more writing).… Continue reading Writerly recap of August & September, 2017 – stories published & sold + bits & bobs

Read my poem ‘Solstice Blót’ in the new issue of Polar Borealis Magazine

It's been a while since I released a poem into the wild, but right now, you can read 'Solstice Blót' in the brand new, horror-themed issue of the Canadian publication Polar Borealis Magazine. You can read the issue here (scroll down to issue 4 and click to see the magazine in PDF). It includes stories and… Continue reading Read my poem ‘Solstice Blót’ in the new issue of Polar Borealis Magazine

Recap June / July – stories published, stories sold, reviews & more

June and July have been very good to me: a lot of good things happened, after a spring when I occasionally felt like it was difficult to write, or at least difficult to know if the words I was stringing together were good words. It made me think of one of my favourite Stephen King… Continue reading Recap June / July – stories published, stories sold, reviews & more

2016 award eligibility post (AKA: what am I even doing?)

It feels very strange to put together an awards eligibility post, but I decided at the beginning of the year to do everything I could to put my best foot forward as a writer... so, by golly, I am doing this too, no matter how awkward it makes me feel. My goal for this year… Continue reading 2016 award eligibility post (AKA: what am I even doing?)

October recap – poetry & stories in the wild, a review, a new anthology, a conference

October was another fun and busy month for me. Here's what happened: I spent a wonderful weekend at The Surrey International Writer's Festival. Read my conference recap here. It really was an amazing event, and I hope to be able to attend next year too. I learned a whole lot about writing from amazing people… Continue reading October recap – poetry & stories in the wild, a review, a new anthology, a conference

I chat about poetry and short stories with Renee Scattergood

I'm featured on author Renee Scattergood's website right now (thank you so much, Renee!), talking about poetry, writing, and short stories: specifically my upcoming stories in anthologies by Inklings Press and The Mind's Eye Series! Find it here: Author Spotlight: Short Stories and Poetry Collections by Maria Haskins Also, check out Renee's books, like her Shadowstalker series!

Fish, book, ink – my first book & first tattoo

I have three tattoos. A Tolkien-inspired one on my right upper arm, a turtle and sparrow on my back, and a very small fish on the left side of my rib-cage, just below the armpit. As with most people who get tattoos, each one of my tattoos has a story. The Tolkien tattoo is inspired by my… Continue reading Fish, book, ink – my first book & first tattoo

‘Hawk’ – a poem from CUTS, for Poetry Month

This poem is taken from Cuts, my collection of poetry published in 2015. It's available as an ebook and in paperback. Find it here.   HAWK Every morning perched on the lamp post above the highway onramp she sees me: hawk. Eye cocked looking for that twitch of life in the grass for that smudge of death… Continue reading ‘Hawk’ – a poem from CUTS, for Poetry Month

#PoetryMonth – @MariaHaskins on Translation

My second post at author Robert Zimmermann’s website for Poetry Month is all about translation and poetry. I used one of my poems, ‘Bird-cloak’, to illustrate some of the challenges of translating poetry. Thanks so much to Robert for having me over. Check out his website for some fantastic posts on writing in general, and poetry in particular.

A Life Among The Pages

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Maria Haskins is on the blog today for her second Poetry Month contribution! She’s sharing another poem from her collection ‘Cuts’. This time it’s a little bit different. Maria is sharing both the Swedish (original language the poem was written in) and English versions of a poem. If you remember last week’s post with the audio for S.M. Boyce’s poem A Life for Sale, I talked about how interpreting a poem can differ between reading text and listening to it. Another way a poem can change is through translation. In may ways this can be more drastic.

Before I start rambling on about this, I’ll hand the blogging reigns over to Maria. She’s more qualified to talk about translation than I am anyway. But this post has challenged me to read more work in translation, along with the original languages…even if I can’t speak them. At least I…

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#PoetryMonth – Story Time Friday with @MariaHaskins

I visit Robert Zimmermann’s website ‘A Life Among The Pages’ for Poetry Month, and of course I brought a poem!

A Life Among The Pages

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See those two images up there? It wasn’t a mistake. Even during Poetry Month there’s room for Story Time Friday!

Like STF in general, I include poetry as the “story” part of the series title. Today, I have a poem from poet Maria Haskins to share. To go with that, Maria has been nice enough to share a bit of the story behind the poem, as well. I’m happy when I get to share a little bit of what goes on behind the piece itself, and this is no different.

You can also read up on the collection Maria’s poem came from after you’re done. And if you enjoy it, there’ll be another poem from this poet next week. It isn’t an STF post. It’s something even better! Don’t forget to come back for that one.

Now, I’ll hand the blog over to Maria, the real reason you’re here…

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Two poems by Pär Lagerkvist

Pär Lagerkvist is one of my favourite Swedish authors. His poetry is brilliant, and so is his prose. There's a sadness and longing in most of his writing: sometimes more of the longing, sometimes more of the sadness, but usually both of them tightly wound together. Lagerkvist often expresses the kind of direct, raw emotion that… Continue reading Two poems by Pär Lagerkvist

A master-class in poetry & the rhythm of words

Back in the stegosauraus-era when I studied Spanish in high-school (AKA 'gymnasiet' in Sweden), our teacher had us read Spanish poetry for part of the course. One of those poems has stuck with me ever since: even if my knowledge of the language has faded a bit with time, this poem is still there. It's… Continue reading A master-class in poetry & the rhythm of words

Pain in progress (again)

I wrote this poem after one of my friends died last year, another victim of cancer. This week, for many reasons, the words and the feelings I had then are haunting me again. PAIN IN PROGRESS/MY FRIEND IS DEAD All the lamps are lit in every window. I feel the warmth beneath my own hands… Continue reading Pain in progress (again)

Goodreads giveaway complete: thank you to all who entered!

The Goodreads giveaway for my collection of poetry 'Cuts & Collected Poems 1989-2015' is over. 655 people (whoa!) entered for a chance to win one of three paperback copies: thank you so much to everyone who put their name in the Goodreads hat! I have the addresses of the winners in my hot little hands right… Continue reading Goodreads giveaway complete: thank you to all who entered!