New essay in THE DEADLANDS!

I have a new essay in the latest issue of The Deadlands. It’s a very personal one, about the death of our dog last year, about grief, and about dogs in the afterlife. The essay will be available online in May, but you can already read the entire issue (as a free download): https://thedeadlands.com/issue-24/

UPDATE: read my essay at https://thedeadlands.com/issue-24/a-dog/

I am very happy to be back in the pages of The Deadlands, and it was fabulous to work with editor E. Catherine Tobler and everyone else at the magazine.

The table of contents for this issue is:

  • Alternate Beginning, Alternate Ending, by Animashaun Ameen (poetry, released 4/20)
  • Jar, by Erin Brown (fiction, released 4/24)
  • Ask a Necromancer: Death Do Us Part, by Amanda Downum (nonfiction, released 4/27)
  • Pilgrimage, by Saheed Sunday (poetry, released 5/1)
  • Things We Did By the Windmill, by Katie McIvor (fiction, released 5/4)
  • A Dog, a Heart, A Box of Ashes, or Whom Rhodope Shed Tears For, by Maria Haskins (nonfiction, released 5/8)

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