Listen to my story “The Morthouse” at PODCASTLE!

I am so thrilled that my story “The Morthouse”, first published in The Deadlands, is now also at Podcastle, beautifully narrated by Eleanor R. Wood.

Working with Podcastle, or any of the Escape Artists podcasts, is always a wonderful experience, and this time was no exception. Extra thanks to the episode host, Matt Dovey, for his comments on my story:

This was an absolute masterclass of a story, in my opinion. I was dragged into the ambience and atmosphere of it from the start; it’s a long time since I’ve read something so evocative and engrossing. —– It’s an incredible piece of craftsmanship–and all that’s without even touching on how insightful it is about the distances grief creates between ourselves and others, between ourselves and the very physicality of the world–and I’m thrilled we got to share this story with you.

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