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A Patreon-exclusive short story collection

I just sent out Jackie’s Bottle & Other Stories, an exclusive short story collection, to my supporters on Patreon. It contains all my Patreon exclusive stories from 2021 and 2022, including several stories about Jackie & Alice (who first appeared in “The Guitar Hero” in Kaleidotrope).

Table of contents:

Jackie and Alice Stories:

  • The Guitar Hero
  • The Long-Haired Australian – a Jackie and Alice story
  • Jackie’s Bottle – a Jackie and Alice Story
  • Alice, At the Bar – a Jackie and Alice Story
  • The Song Without the Words – a Jackie and Alice Story
  • Waiting for Ben – a Jackie and Alice Story

Other stories

  • Postcard from Little Red to Grandma
  • Maya’s Harp
  • Five Skinsuits for Ylva
  • Night Terror
  • Alien Life – A Memoir

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