My awards eligible work for 2022

It’s that time of year again: time to make a list of the work I had published during the year. (That’s all an eligibility post is, really: a list of your work that was first published during the current year.)

I had two new stories published this year:

THE MORTHOUSE – in The Deadlands #12Read the issue or subscribe / Read the story online.

THE PARLOR – in The Bureau Dispatch Volume 02: DispatchRead.

In addition, I’ve been writing my quarterly Short Fiction Treasures column for Strange Horizons, reviewing and rounding up short fiction, and publishing my monthly speculative short fiction roundups at Maria’s Reading.

This year, I’ve also published an on-going interview series called Behind the Zines, featuring people involved behind the scenes at various speculative short fiction publications.

This non-fiction work would fit the awards category for fan-writer.

I also had a non-fiction piece called 10 Hands-On Tips For Writing Flash Fiction at the SFWA blog.

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