I’m at AugurCon this weekend

I’m moderating a panel at AugurCon this Sunday!

This upcoming Sunday, November 27, I’m moderating a panel at the online event AugurCon. The panel is Horrific Imaginations: Mastering Fear & Tension, and the panelists are Suzan Palumbo, A.C. Wise, and David Demchuk. We will be talking horror and horror writing, and the description of the pane is:

Grotesque wingbones cutting through your back. A whisper of unease on a nighttime walk. An unheeded warning; a calling into autumn fog. What does it mean to create fear? How can you predict, move, and manipulate your audience? How do you balance trope and originality, familiarity and shock? When do you lure, and when do you chase? Join our panelists to explore the intricacies of writing horror and controlling a reader’s heartrate.

The panel is at 4.30 – 5.30 Eastern Time, and you can find all the details at augurcon.com! I think this will be a great conversation, and I can’t wait talk to this wonderful panel.

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