Read my new story “The Morthouse” in THE DEADLANDS!

Very excited today, because my story “The Morthouse” is now available to read in issue #12 of The Deadlands. It’s available to subscribers right now, and is also available to read online.

The gorgeous cover is by Julie Dillon, and I LOVE it. The Ferryman does make an appearance of sorts in my story, so that probably makes me love it even more.

“The Morthouse” was inspired by the use of morthouses, AKA deadhouses (there’s a Wikipedia article if you want some general info) to store bodies of people who died in winter until the thaw came and it was possible to dig graves. It’s set in the same world as my story “Hare’s Breath” from Shimmer, but takes place several hundred years before that story.

Huge thanks to the team at The Deadlands for giving this story such a perfect home.

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