My awards eligibility post for 2021

It’s that time of the year again when I look back on the stuff I’ve had published during the year, make a list, and let people know that, yes, this work is awards eligible for 2021.


My main awards eligible publication this year is my short story collection Six Dreams About the Train and Other Stories:

  • Buy ebook & paperback from JournalStone
  • Paperback & ebook from Amazon
  • Paperback from Indiebound / B&N.
  • This collection includes two new, previously unpublished short stories that are also awards eligible: “Dragon Song” and “Blackdog”.

I also had two short stories published:

  • “A Blank Space Where She Ought To Be” – in LampLight volume 10, issue 1Buy it.
  • “When Resin Burns To Tar” – in the anthology Seasons Between UsBuy the anthology.

I’m also eligible (as fan writer) for my reviews and short fiction roundups.

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