Read my (reprinted) story “It Begins In the Garden” in FUSION FRAGMENT

Very excited that my story “It Begins In the Garden” is now available in the brand new issue of Fusion Fragment. This story, about two girls who find something that looks like ladybugs but definitely is not ladybugs, was first published in Aliterate. It’s now part of a tremendous issue of Fusion Fragment, and you can pick up a digital copy of the zine (pay what you want!) or order a gorgeous print issue!

In this issue (I LOVE these micro descriptions of the stories from the FF website):

  • “It Begins in the Garden” by Maria Haskins: alien takeovers / dementia / definitely not ladybugs
  • “Live from Katahdin Hills” by Derek Nason: survival / music / family bonds
  • “Sainte-Noyale” by Ranylt Richildis: jam / community / crotchety old men
  • “Shake the Disease” by Tiffany Morris: clubbing / terrifying performance art / trauma
  • “Sister Martin of the Stars” by Heather Clitheroe: space disasters / religious orders / the pursuit of science
  • “Soulmark” by Brandon Crilly: selling your soul / rock’n’roll / reconnection
  • “Wednesday’s Child” by C.J. Lavigne: terrifying pregnancies / nice accommodations / fighting aliens
  • “Wesley Evonshire” by Matt Cahill: writing / alien disease / fire

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