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Maria’s Reading – the new place for my book and short fiction reviews and roundups

Some news: I have set up a website for all my short fiction roundups, past and present. Maria’s Reading at It includes all the roundups that were previously on my blog and at Curious Fictions, and it has links to all my roundups at B&N and Strange Horizons.

This will also be where I post future short fiction roundups and book reviews, starting with my March roundup in the next few days. Ever since B&N closed down (though the content is still there, thankfully), it’s bothered me that my roundups are scattered over the internet.

On the new website, all the roundups are in one place and searchable for me and anyone else who might want to check them out. For content from B&N and Strange Horizons, there are links to the full roundups.

My main website, and the place for news on my own fiction-writerly doings, is still this one,

The new website, Maria’s Reading, is still a work in progress & I will be bringing over more old content and adding new content as I go. I started posting monthly roundups in 2016, so there is a LOT of content. (While at B&N, I posted 2 roundups/month.)

I will be adding a lot of old book reviews too in the next little while, and my new book reviews will also end up here.

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