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Read my latest Quarterly Short Fiction Treasures Roundup at STRANGE HORIZONS

My latest Short Fiction Treasures roundup is now at Strange Horizons, and the official/unofficial theme for this instalment is “companion animals”. I also recommend two outstanding SFF anthologies from 2020.

Huge thanks as always to the wonderful team at Strange Horizons for giving me this opportunity to share some great fiction! It’s so much fun and such an honour to write for them.

2 thoughts on “Read my latest Quarterly Short Fiction Treasures Roundup at STRANGE HORIZONS”

  1. I came across Strange Horizons (SH) while surfing for possible venues for one of my stories, but I’m having trouble understanding SH’s Web site. Is your Quarterly Short Fiction Roundup a sort of anthology/compendium of stories published in periodicals other than Strange Horizons? It caught my eye because I have a story that might (have) fit the “companion animals” category, but it seems that the collection is of previously published works with that theme. Also confused by your column heading “Columns, Non-Fiction,” while the title under that is “Short Fiction Treasures ….” Is your “Quarterly Roundup” your own blog that SH let you publish in your non-fiction column with them? Can you clear this up for me? Thanks.


    1. Strange Horizons is an online magazine that publishes poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction in the form of essays and reviews. I write a quarterly roundup for them called Short Fiction Treasures, where I gather up stories (usually 10-12) that I’ve read and liked and that I want to tell people about. For each roundup, I usually pick a theme and this time it was “companion animals” so the stories I’ve picked feature companion animals of one kind or another. And yes, the stories I pick for my roundups have been published in various magazines online and/or in print anthologies or magazines. (Some stories appeared in Strange Horizons, but most did not.) Each roundup consists of my picks of published stories and a short review of each story


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