Listen to my story “The Stars In Heaven Sing a Music” on the final episode of R.B. Wood’s WORD COUNT PODCAST

Yes, it’s the final, as in the last ever, episode of R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast, and it contains my story “The Stars In Heaven Sing a Music”.

All my gratitude to R.B. Wood for being such an amazing podcast host, and an amazing friend. Writing for his podcast has been my writing group, and it has allowed me to learn so much I would not have learned otherwise about writing, perseverance, and about my own writing process.

Also on the podcast:

  • Rob Edwards – “100 Humans of the Future”
  • M. J. King – “They Don’t Win in This One”
  • Karl Dandenell – “Stones of Särdal” 
  • Cameron Garriepy – “Dinner Plans”
  • C. Thomas Smith – “Morpheus”
  • W. B. J. Williams – “A Phoenix Lands”
  • Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “Unclogged”
  • Bill Kirton – “Perhaps. Nothing More”
  • Eden Baylee – “Final Cut”
  • R. B. Wood – “100”

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