Story day! Read my story “Down To Niflhel Deep” in KALEIDOTROPE

I am so excited to have a brand new story in the autumn issue of Kaleidotrope. “Down To Niflhel Deep” is a story about a dog called Roan who ends up on a dangerous quest when he tries to find a lost girl.

The title is from the Old Norse poem “Balder’s Dreams”:

Upp reis Óðinn,
alda gautr,
ok hann á Sleipni
söðul of lagði;
reið hann niðr þaðan
niflheljar til;
mætti hann hvelpi,
þeim er ór helju kom.

Then Othin rose,
the enchanter old,
And the saddle he laid
on Sleipnir’s back;
Thence rode he down
to Niflhel deep,
And the hound he met
that came from hell.[5]

The awesome cover art for this issue is by Nick Marandola.

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