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Listen to my new flash fiction story “From A Distance, Constellations” on R.B. WOOD’S WORD COUNT PODCAST

Episode #99 of R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast is live, and it contains a new flash story by me titled “From A Distance, Constellations”. The prompt was this image. I immediately thought of a short story I’ve had in mind for a while, that fit this prompt perfectly. It’s a work in progress that never really seemed to come together the way I wanted it to, but the podcast deadline gave me the push I needed to finish it properly.

The other stories in this episode:

  • Rob Edwards – “Doctor Deathray and the Girl in the Orchard”
  • W. B. J. Williams – “An Old Grudge”
  • M. J. King – “Pay Attention”
  • Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton – “I Am What I Am”

Next episode of the Word Count Podcast will also be the show’s last. I’ll be very sad to see it close down, but I am so grateful to R.B. Wood for running this show for so long. It’s been an amazing outlet and learning experience for me, and has definitely had a significant impact on my path and development as a writer.

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