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Read my story “The Jagged Edge – an Astra Militarum Story” published by BLACK LIBRARY!

Big news! My story “The Jagged Edge”, set in the Warhammer 40K universe, is now available from Black Library! I’ve been sitting on the details of this project for a while, and it’s so exciting to be able to share the story with the world.

Sergeant Aurelia Shale leads her squad on a dangerous mission into the mountains – a mission made even more hazardous by the presence of a commissar who happens to be Aurelia’s sister…


I spent a big part of last year working on this story, and HUGE thanks to the wonderful people at Black Library for their thoughtful and thorough input on “The Jagged Edge”.

More about my story:

As a sergeant in the Keplerian 23rd regiment of the Astra Militarum, Aurelia Shale has faced many challenges. But as she and her squad are sent into the hellish mountain range known as the Jagged Edge, she will face the sternest test of her career. Commissar Theodara Shale is ruthless, heartless and focused on her mission. She’s also Aurelia’s sister. Family tensions mix with Aurelia’s suspicions that her sister’s mission is not the same as her own – and that it could spell doom for them all.

My initial inspiration for this story, is the famous raid on the heavy water facility in Norway during World War 2, when undercover agents got into this heavily fortified facility and managed to sabotage it. “The Jagged Edge” is by no means following that history to the letter, but that was what originally inspired me to write it. Most of all, for me, this is a story about two sisters with a troubled history, and about Aurelia who (in my mind) is a good fighter, but one without a burning purpose besides staying alive when the story begins. By the end, well, everything has changed.


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