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Writerly Roundup of December and January


It’s been a hectic few months with holidays, and writing, and translation work, and what-not, but here we are and it’s 2020.

My latest reviews and roundups

Stories in the wild

Bits & Bobs

  • I will be writing a short fiction roundup for Strange Horizons! I’m very excited about this new opportunity to share the love for speculative short fiction, and so honoured to be part of such a great zine.

A Brain Encased In Steel (1)

  • I will be writing a novella for my Patreon, and publish it there as a serial. The installments will be available for all supporters from the $1 tier and up. You can read all about, and sign up!, on Patreon.


  • I love this illustration by Vincent Sammy that goes with my story “Cleaver, Meat, and Block” in Black Static. It captures the vibe and mood of the story so perfectly.

Story sales & a reprint

  • Flash Fiction Online picked up my story “Silver and Shadow, Spruce and Pine”. It will be appearing there at a later date.
  • My fantasy story “When Resin Burns to Tar” will be appearing later this year in the anthology Seasons Between Us from Laksa Media. I wrote this story specifically for this anthology last year, and a full TOC announcement will be coming from the publisher later this spring.

Reviews & mentions

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