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My writerly recap for October & November

October and November were busy months that brought some good news and some bad news. Isn’t that always the way?

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The big news

I am not writing for B&N’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog anymore. It’s sad and disappointing, but has nothing to do with the work done at the blog or my own writing, and everything to do with a corporate decision at B&N to no longer use any freelancers. The news came very suddenly, and I’m not sure if the website content will remain in place or be taken down. For now, it’s all still there at least. Huge thanks to editor Joel Cunningham for taking me on, and giving me a place to share reviews and roundups.

After some deliberation about what I should do with my monthly roundup, I’ve decided to publish it at Curious Fictions for now. It’s free to read there, but if you like, you can leave a tip! For the first time, I’ve also added an audio version of the roundup, and I will try to make that a permanent feature.

My latest reviews, columns, and roundups at B&N & elsewhere

Stories in the wild

  • Read or listen to my flash fiction story “Essie’s Chain“, written for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast.

Order & pre-order


  • The anthology The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide Volume 6 is now available for pre-order! Get it from AmazonB&N. This beautiful anthology includes my story “The Wayfinder and His Sister”, originally published at Cast of Wonders.
  • The anthology A Punk Rock Future, including my story “Deepster Punks” is now available in paperback and as an e-book. If you don’t have your copy yet, pick it up from Amazon / from B&N / from Indiebound.

Story sales & a reprint

  • My zombie-ish horror story “Cleaver, Meat, and Block” has been picked up by Black Static, and will appear in the magazine next year. It’s my first sale to Black Static, though my story “And You Shall Sing to Me a Deeper Song” appeared in Interzone (also published by TTA Press) earlier this year.
  • My story “Hare’s Breath”, originally published in Shimmer in 2017, will be part of the fabulous new anthology The Best of Shimmer, set for publication next year. You can read more about the book, and see all the stories to be included, at the old Shimmer website. It’s a thrill and a real honour to be included in this lineup of authors.
  • I also sold a flash fiction story recently, but the contract isn’t signed yet, so I’ll reveal the details later.

Reviews & mentions


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