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My awards eligible stories for 2019

It’s that time of the year again! I get to make lists of all the stories I’ve read and loved during the year, AND I get to make a list of my own stories.

My Awards Eligible Stories 2019

Here are my awards eligible short stories from 2019:

THE BRIGHTEST LIGHTS OF HEAVEN – in Fireside Fiction #69. Read online.

CLEAR AS QUARTZ, SHARP AS FLINT – in Augur Magazine 2.1Buy the issue (get a sneak peek at my story).

DEAD MEAT – in Apparition Lit #7. Read online.

MOTHER’S LOVE – at Cast of WondersListen and read.

HAND ME DOWNS – in GiganotosaurusRead online.

AND YOU SHALL SING TO ME A DEEPER SONG – in Interzone #280Buy the issue from TTA Press. Buy it from Weightless Books (ebook) / Amazon (print and ebook).

DEEPSTER PUNKS – in the anthology A Punk Rock FutureBuy from Amazon. / Buy from B&N. / Buy from Indiebound.

STARS ABOVE, SHADOWS BENEATH – in the anthology Tales of Magic & Destiny (Inklings Press). Buy it from Amazon.


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