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Listen to my new flash story “Becca and the River” on R.B. Wood’s WORD COUNT PODCAST

The latest episode of The Word Count Podcast is now available, and it includes my story “Becca and the River”.

This month’s story prompt was the gorgeous fall photo below:


This time, I almost missed the deadline. Well, I did miss the deadline, but R.B. Wood kindly waited for my story to be recorded. (It’s hard sometimes in this house to find a time when it’s quiet enough to read my story for the podcast!) My imagination took me down some strange paths this time, but I am quite pleased with the result.

The episode also includes stories by these amazing writers:

  • W. B. J. Williams – “A Fall into Autumn”
  • Eden Baylee & Bill Kirton  – “A Walk In the Woods”

As usual, all my thanks to R.B. Wood for hosting this podcast. It’s always a joyful challenge to come up with a piece of flash for it, and it always makes my day better when I end up writing something for his show.

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