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Pre-order links for the anthology A PUNK ROCK FUTURE!


I just  received my contributor copy of the anthology A Punk Rock Future, and it is so, so sweet to be part of this amazing lineup of authors.


You can pre-order the book now, in ebook format or paperback!


A.C. Wise recently published a review of this anthology. (Read it here.) She had some very kind words for my story, “Deepster Punks”:

“Deepster Punks” by Maria Haskins is an effective and claustrophobic story that takes place largely beneath the ocean. Becca and Jacob have been partners for a long time. They have personal history and professional history, but after an incident on Ceres that left their friend Petra dead, Becca begins to suspect something is wrong with Jacob, and that he may in fact be responsible for Petra’s death. The story is atmospheric, building a sense of paranoia and distrust amidst striking visuals. Like Ellsworth’s story, it focuses on characters who get a raw deal in the name of corporate greed, and friends who have each other’s backs in fighting against the notion that as mere workers they are disposable.

The official blurb:

We are living in A Punk Rock FutureIt seems like it more and more every day! In A Punk Rock Future, twenty-six fantasy and science fiction authors mash up punk rock music and speculative fiction in both near and far future visions. There’s a freecycle nation skateboarding and intentional community story, another about a band like The Clash playing a mind-blowing gig on Mars, and an anti-fascism flash fiction featuring two amused ravens. And 23 more future punk stories.


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