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Story day! Read my story “Dead Meat” in APPARITION LIT!

My science fiction / horror story “Dead Meat” is now available to read in the Retribution issue of Apparition Lit! Huge thanks to the fantastic team at this zine for giving this story a great home.


This story has been with me for a while because it took some time for it to find its proper form and purpose. It came to me as an idea that seemed simple enough: a woman is trapped in a storage room on a space station with a disassembled blast gun. She can’t figure out how to assemble the weapon. Outside the door, something terrifying lurks. Inside, her only company is a dead woman who still speaks.

In its finished form, this story also includes a recurring Star Trek joke, and that pleases me immensely.

I am hugely proud of this story and I am so glad Apparition Lit accepted it. The retribution theme fits it perfectly, though not in the obvious ways that might first come to mind.

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