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Listen to my story “Hare’s Breath” at CAST OF WONDERS (also a Hugo Awards spotlight for SHIMMER & E. Catherine Tobler)

My story Hare’s Breath was originally published in Shimmer in 2017. It is now available in audio format, brilliantly narrated by Katrin Kania, at Cast of Wonders. HUGE thanks to the team at Cast of Wonders for giving this story a wonderful second home. It’s a story that was inspired by some very real and terrible Swedish history.

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Cast of Wonders is spotlighting Hugo Awards Finalists right now, and I hope this story shines the light on the significant and wonderful contributions to the field of speculative fiction by Shimmer Magazine, and the zines senior editor, E. Catherine Tobler. Shimmer is a Hugo Awards finalist for Best Semiprozine and Tobler is a Hugo Awards finalist for Best Editor, Short Form.

There are many, many worthy nominees, but I hope you will consider voting for both Shimmer and E. Catherine Tobler. Shimmer is no more, but the zine was one of the absolute best and most original in the speculative fiction field. And a huge reason for that was because of E. Catherine Tobler’s work as senior editor.


I wrote about her importance and immense skill in my extended story notes for Hare’s Breath, and there is a post on Medium, A Hugo for Elise, that delves deeper into the many reasons why Shimmer and Tobler are such worthy Hugo Awards finalists. If you are voting for the Hugos, please consider them.

(Badger Queen image by Ileana Hunter, used with permission. Available as a print on Etsy.)

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