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Story day! Read my story “Stars Above, Shadows Beneath” in the anthology TALES OF MAGIC & DESTINY

It’s story day! My fantasy story “Stars Above, Shadows Beneath” is now available to read in the new anthology Tales of Magic & Destiny from Inklings Press!


The original inspiration for this story was my visit, a very long time ago, to the temple at Dendera in Egypt. Something about standing there, seeing the still vivid colours on the walls and ceilings that were painted almost 4,000 years ago stuck in my mind ever since. “Stars Above, Shadows Beneath” is NOT set in Egypt, but visually, the temple in my story is very much inspired by that structure.

The ceiling at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera.

In the story, a woman called Ny’am is returning to the village she left under less than ideal circumstances many years ago. She’s made a new life for herself as a raider, but now, the crew she’s been traveling with is planning to raid the temple near her old home. Ny’am believes she’s cut all bonds with her old home and her old life, but some connections go deeper than she realizes…


Get the anthology at

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