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Story day! Listen to “A Strange Heart, Set In Feldspar” at PseudoPod!

My story “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar” from the anthology Abandoned Places, is now at PseudoPod as part of Artemis Rising 5. It is beautifully narrated by Jen R. Albert in an episode hosted by the team at The Know Fear Cast.

Huge thanks to the team at PseudoPod, and huge thanks also to Shohola Press for publishing this story in such a fantastic anthology.


About my story. It’s a story about motherhood, and the way kids can drive you nuts even when you love them to bits. It’s about northern Sweden and an abandoned mine. It’s about what happens when everything is sheared away, except one stark and terrible choice: to follow your kids into the darkness, or leave them behind because maybe they don’t really want you to find them. They would have listened to you if they wanted you there, right?

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