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Listen to my new story “In the Grove” on R.B. Wood’s WORD COUNT PODCAST

My story “In the Grove” is now available for your listening pleasure at R.B. Wood’s The Word Count Podcast. This time around, the story prompt was “The Long Walk” and the photo below:


This month, I almost didn’t get a story finished for the podcast. Life and other work got in the way, and hey, February is short. But you know what? I’ve been contributing stories to The Word Count Podcast since 2016, and the stories I write for it are really all written for me. I love sharing them, but they are really personal bits and pieces of inspiration spun into flash fiction. I do this for me, and I love it.

So, I pulled it together at the last minute and this is what I came up with.

The other stories on the podcast:

  • Bill Kirton – “Future Past”
  • W. B. J. Williams – “The Long, Beautiful and Empty Walk Home”
  • Eden Baylee – “Path to Empathy”

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