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Available now: “Gorgon – Stories of Emergence” & “Curiosities #5”

It always makes me feel good to see reprints of my stories. I mean, first of all it means I wrote something that someone wanted to reprint, and the stories might also end up in all sorts of wonderful publications in really great company.

That’s the case right now. I have two reprints in two beautiful new publications.


My story “Scent”, originally published in Flash Fiction Online, is in Curiosities #5, and the stories, the layout and design of this issue are all top-notch. You can pick it up in paperback and in a variety of ebook formats at the Gallery Curiosities store. All these stories will also be available on the Gallery of Curiosities podcast.


My story “Bioluminescence”, originally published in Phobos Magazine, is in Gorgon – Stories of Emergence published by Pantheon Magazine and edited by Sarah Read. This volume includes stories by a spectacular group of writers, and also has a cover by Daniele Serra and illustrations by Carrion House. Gorgon is available via Amazon.

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