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Writerly recap of December 2018 & January 2019

Belated happy new year, everyone! So far, this year has been busy and sort of scatter-brained, but still good.

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It’s still the season of nominating stories and making recommended reading lists. My awards eligible stories from the past year are here:

My latest columns at B&N SciFi & Fantasy

Short story roundups & reviews on my blog:

Stories in the wild

  • My story Hand Me Downs is at GigaNotoSaurus.
  • My story The Librarian from Cast of Wonders’ Banned Books Week 2018 was a staff pick, and was re-broadcast with some wonderful commentary by narrator Katherine Inskip. Thanks so much to the awesome team at CoW for this honour!
  • My story “Scent” (originally published in Flash Fiction Online) is available in Curiosities #5 from The Gallery of Curiosities. It’s a gorgeous volume, and all the purchase links are here.
  • You can order Gorgon: Stories of Emergence from Amazon as an ebook or in paperback. It features an amazing TOC, and includes my story “Bioluminescence”, originally published in Phobos.
  • If you missed it in December, you can check out my flash fiction story Ten Things I Didn’t Do at Pseudopod.
  • Also from December: you can check out my story Tunguska, 1987 at Cast of Wonders (originally published in the anthology “Tales from Alternate Earths” from Inklings Press).
  • Read, or listen to, my new flash fiction story “Catching the Train“, written for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast.

Story sales

  • My science fiction story “And You Shall Sing to Me a Deeper Song” will appear in a future issue of Interzone. It’s my first story sale to Interzone, and I am so happy and excited about this!
  • My fantasy story “Stars Above, Shadows Beneath” will be appearing in a new anthology from Inklings Press. It’s great to be working with Inklings Press again. My story “Tunguska, 1987” was published in “Tales from Alternate Earths”, another anthology from Inklings Press, published in 2016.
  • I announced this sale a while back, but I am going through the suggested edits now, so I’m bringing it up again: my story “The Brightest Lights of Heaven” will be in Fireside Fiction later this year.

Reviews & mentions

Bits & bobs

  • My latest flash fiction collection Dark Flash 3, with all the stories I wrote for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast this year, is now available (it’s even available in paperback from Amazon): From Smashwords / Apple iBooks / B&N / Kobo and from Amazon: US / UK / CA / AU / DE / FR / ES / IT / NL / JP / BR / MX / IN
  • My flash fiction collections Dark Flash and Dark Flash 2 are now available in paperback from Amazon (they were already available as ebooks, of course).
  • One of the most amazing things that happened in January, was when writer and artist Francesca Forrest made some fantastic artwork, inspired by my story Hand Me Downs in GigaNotoSaurus. You can see it on her Twitter. She also sent me the original artwork, and I am just over-the-moon excited. Such a gorgeous picture of Tilda, from the story, dancing!
Artwork by Francesca Forrest. Inspired by my story Hand Me Downs from GigaNotoSaurus.




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