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Happy new year & happy new story day! Read “Hand Me Downs” in GIGANOTOSAURUS

Happy new year, everyone! I spent my new year’s eve mostly at home with family though we did head out to look at the early fireworks in downtown Vancouver.


Today, it’s Story Day. My short story “Hand Me Downs” is available to read in Giganotosaurus, and you can also get it in epub or mobi format.

This is a Very Trollish Story, and I am so grateful to Giganotosaurus and editor Rashida J. Smith for giving it such a good home.

I guess you might call this story a fantasy story, set in the modern world. With trolls. (Because I LOVE trolls.) Basically, it’s me trying to imagine a world where trolls are real, and one family of trolls have moved from Sweden to Canada and are living sort of where I live, just outside Vancouver. There’s Tilda, the daughter, who loves to dance but who has to fight against the public perception of what kind of dancing trolls do. There’s a grandmother who lives in a hole in the ground (oh yeah), and there is some talk about Grieg’s “In The Hall of the Mountain King”…


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