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Writerly recap for October & November 2018

It’s mid-December as I write this, and I am just back from a wonderful quick getaway to Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. (I had a birthday. I hid.) This recap of October and November is a bit late, but I’ll use that birthday as an excuse.

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It’s the season of nominating stories and making recommended reading lists. My awards eligible stories from the past year are here:

My Awards Eligible stories from 2018.

My latest columns at B&N SciFi & Fantasy

Short story roundups & reviews on my blog:

Stories in the wild

Ten Things I Didn’t Do at Pseudopod, wonderfully narrated by Rebecca Wei Hsieh, and with some very nice commentary by Alasdair Stuart.

A Doorway Left Ajar in Martian Magazine.

The Maker – available now in the anthology The Internet Is Where the Robots Live Now from Paper Dog Press. Buy it from Paper Dog Books / / B&N.

Margaery the Wolf – available now in See the Elephant Magazine Issue 4Buy it from Metaphysical Circus Press / Weightless Books / Amazon.

The Librarian – in Cast of Wonders, wonderfully narrated by Katherine Inskip. Listen / become a patron on Patreon / subscribe to the podcast.

Big Bad – my October story for The Word Count Podcast. Read itListen to it. (Included in Dark Flash 3 – details below.)

New self-published book!

My latest flash fiction collection Dark Flash 3, with all the stories I wrote for R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast this year, is now available (it’s even available in paperback from Amazon):

Story sales

  • My flash story “Mother’s Love”, which made it to the final in Cast of Wonders flash fiction contest, will be appearing on a future episode of the podcast.

Reviews & mentions

Bits & bobs

My flash fiction collections Dark Flash and Dark Flash 2 are now available in paperback from Amazon (they were already available as ebooks, of course).




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