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Story day! Listen to “Ten Things I Didn’t Do” at PSEUDOPOD

I’ve been busy with travel and enjoying the west coast forests these last few days, so somehow I kind of slipped up because I thought this story debut was still a week away. (*slaps forehead*) BUT! Here is my flash story “Ten Things I Didn’t Do” at Pseudopod.

It is possibly the darkest story I’ve ever written, and it resisted all my attempts at giving it a happier ending. It stubbornly held on to its darkness, and, well, here it is:

Huge thanks to the wonderful team at Pseudopod for giving this story such a good home, and to Rebecca Wei Hsieh for the excellent narration.

I think the main inspiration for this story for me is my belief that there are no worse monsters in the world than humans because we are capable of terrible horrors, all on our own.

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