This mention of my story The Root Cellar just made my day!

This made my day. Author Fran Wilde (author of so many fabulous books and stories, including the Bone Universe trilogy) mentions my story The Root Cellar from Beneath Ceaseless Skies in this wonderful list of books and stories!


Hello! Eachyearfornearly adecade, I’ve posted mostly bi-annual lists (this one’s from July) of some of my reading, as well as projects I’ve worked on. It gives me a chance to look back at the year, my reading and work, and what has struck me as especially powerful. This is the final 2018 version — however, the list is, as always, incomplete, sometimes spelled funny, and not in any order except category…*

(*Want to see more complete deep lists? Be a patreon for $1 a month or more and my reading journals are open to you.)

So! Reading suggestions – both mine and others. Whether you’re a SFWA member or not, you should absolutely check out the recommended Nebula reading list for many more than I can list here. Same goes for the Hugo Spreadsheet, organized by Renay, and the Hugo wiki here

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