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Book birthday! Read my story “The Maker” in The Internet Is Where the Robots Live Now!

The anthology The Internet Is Where the Robots Live Now is now available from Paper Dog Books and all your usual online book retailers!


About the anthology:

We are headed for convergence. The separation between mind and matter, robot and man, the artificial and the sublime is becoming less every day. Will we crash into extinction or wake to a future beyond our current comprehension? Join some of the brightest voices in science fiction today as they tell twenty unique stories exploring the thinning space between mind and machine.

Pick up your copy, and read my story “The Maker”, set in northern Sweden, about a woman, a boy, a dog, and a world that is changing.

This anthology includes stories by a group of wonderful writers, and I feel so grateful to be in their company. Huge thanks to editor Nicole B. Jacobson for including my story!

  • “Of All Stars, the Most Beautiful” Aimee Ogden
  • “Purchases” Mari Ness
  • “A Fistful of Circuits” Sharon Diane King
  • “Congratulations, You’re Truth” Matt Fuchs
  • “The Dreaded Name” Vajra Chandrasekera
  • “The Maker” Maria Haskins
  • “Messages” David Rogers
  • “Poetry Support Group” Priya Sridhar
  • “The Toymaker’s Daughters” Marie Vibbert
  • “Written in Sand” Deepak Bharathan
  • “The Last Policeman” Claudio J.A. Espinal
  • “What Machines Don’t Know Won’t Hurt” S.H. Mansouri
  • “Shutterbugs” Rhoads Brazos
  • “Jack vs. The Bloody Carpet” Nikki Macahon
  • “Farming Dirt” Krishan Coupland
  • “Not Our Place” Premee Mohamed
  • “As Squids Fall, October Wanes” Kevin Daniel Lonano
  • “Elegy of Carbon” Benjamin C. Kinney
  • “San Cibernetico” Monica Louzon
  • “In Absentia” Conor Powers-Smith

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