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Cover reveal & pre-orders for DARK FLASH 3 + paperback news!

Dark Flash 3, my latest collection of flash fiction from R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast is now available for pre-order! Release date is December 7th!

I published the first collection, Dark Flash, in 2016, followed by Dark Flash 2 in 2017. So, I guess now it’s a trilogy of sorts! This year, I wrote nine stories for the podcast, and all nine are in this collection. The cover-art is made by me, using Canva.


Table of contents:

  • Mabel’s Pack
  • The Troll Bridge
  • Recovered Audio File #27 From Research Ship Trident [classified]
  • Una’s Hand
  • The Prince and the Dragon
  • Sunlit Surface, Depths Below
  • Fräulein Maria
  • The Monster Hunter’s Last Lament
  • Big Bad

I have also been playing around with the new create paperback feature at Amazon, so all three Dark Flash collections are also be available in paperback.

Here are all the pre-order links:

Dark Flash 3:

Dark Flash 2 paperback: US / UK / JP / DE / FR / ES / IT

Dark Flash paperback: US / UK / JP / DE / FR / ES / IT


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