Story day! Read “Margaery the Wolf” in See the Elephant Magazine!

It’s taken a while for this story to find its way into the world, but I am so thrilled and proud that “Margaery the Wolf” is part of this amazing issue of See the Elephant Magazine. There are fabulous authors and some flat-out amazing stories in this issue, and you can buy it right now from Metaphysical Circus Press:

Issue 4 Cover FINAL

My story, “Margaery the Wolf”, is a dark fantasy story set in a village where some children are born wolves, and where the line between who is wolf and who is human is blurred and, it seems, changeable. It is one of the darkest, strangest, and angriest stories I’ve written, and I love it fiercely. It is also a story about rage, rebellion, and revolution.

I am so excited that this story is now out and about in the world.


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