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A Kickstarter & a pre-order

I have stories in two upcoming anthologies and you can pick up pre-order copies of both right now. These anthologies include stories by some amazing authors, and I hope you’l check them out.


My story “The Maker” is part of the science fiction anthology The Internet Is Where the Robots Live Now from Paper Dog Press, edited by Nicole B. Jacobson.

We are headed for convergence. The separation between mind and matter, robot and man, the artificial and the sublime is becoming less every day. Will we crash into extinction or wake to a future beyond our current comprehension? Join some of the brightest voices in science fiction today as they tell twenty unique stories exploring the thinning space between mind and machine.


My sci-fi story “Deepster Punks” is part of the speculative fiction anthology A Punk Rock Future, edited by Steve Zisson.

We believe that science fiction/fantasy fans and music fans have been waiting for this mashup of punk rock and speculative fiction, A Punk Rock Future, forever.

Why now for this anthology? A punk strain not only runs through music and art but right through the heart of SFFH (think cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk, silkpunk, hopepunk, ecopunk, or whatever punk).

We know that great stories are out there because we’ve already read them in our submissions pile. In fact, it is the forward-thinking science fiction and fantasy community that is propelling all things punk into the future.

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