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Story day! Listen to my story “The Librarian” at Cast of Wonders

My story “The Librarian” is now available for your listening pleasure at Cast of Wonders. It’s part of CoW‘s “Banned Books Week”, just like my story “The Wayfinder & His Sister” was last year. (As you might be able to tell, I love Banned Books Week, and I LOVE Cast of Wonders.)

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“The Librarian” is beautifully narrated by Katherine Inskip. The episode is hosted by Melaine Huyck-Aufdermar, a real life librarian!, and the audio producer is Jeremy Carter. I am so grateful to CoW for accepting this story. One of the best highs I’ve ever experienced as a writer, is hearing my stories read perfectly by other people. I usually have a hard time reading my own work once it’s finished and published, but listening to it when it’s read by someone like Inskip makes it possible for even me to enjoy it.

I wrote a bit about how this story came to be over on Twitter a while ago, and here is that thread:


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