Story day! Read “It Begins in the Garden” in ALITERATE

My story “It Begins In the Garden” is available to read right now in Aliterate. (It’s been out for a few days, but apparently I totally missed that it’s up.) So very excited to share this story. It’s a strange, odd little tale about children, a garden, and some very peculiar ladybugs.

Read “It Begins in the Garden” in Aliterate.

The story seed for this was a memory of when I was a kid, playing with some other children outside the apartment building where we lived then. I was maybe five? six? We built a small dirt-enclosure and put ladybugs inside it. It must have been a lot of fun, because I remember the whole thing so vividly, even now.

Anyway, the story spun off that.

Thanks so much to the editors of Aliterate for picking up this strange and peculiar story!

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