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Table of Contents Announcement for Gorgon: Stories of Emergence

Very excited to be part of this amazing TOC for Gorgon: Stories of Emergence. My story, Bioluminescence, was originally published in Phobos, and I am really happy to see it included in such awesome company. Huge thanks to the team behind this issue, including editor Sarah Read, for including my work!

Pantheon Magazine

Pantheon Magazine is pleased to announce the table of contents for our new anthology, GORGON: STORIES OF EMERGENCE, featuring 36 new and 6 reprinted contemporary myths about transformation and metamorphoses. Cover by Daniele Serra. Select illustrations by Luke Spooner.

Aimee Ogden ~ Psalms

Alex Shvartsman ~ The Goddess of Birds and Wind

A. T. Greenblatt ~ Gods of Empty Places 

Annie Neugebauer ~ Fit for the Wolves

D. A. Xiaolin Spires ~ Swings and Suspension

Barbara A. Barnett ~ Seen and Not Heard

Beth Cato ~ Wind, Awaken My Bones Old and New

C. M. Muller ~ An Illusion of Substance

Carina Bissett ~ Tyger, Burning Bright

Craig Wallwork ~ A Fish for Ophelia

Dan Rabarts ~ The Scorching

Brent Baldwin ~ Of Talons and Teeth

Doug Murano ~ Silvermouth

Duke Kimball ~ The Boy Who Drowned

Eden Royce ~ She Shells

Erin Robinson ~ Iris and Chiaroscuro


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