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Listen to my flash story “Fräulein Maria” on R.B. Wood’s WORD COUNT PODCAST

There’s a brand new episode of R.B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast available today, and it includes my flash story “Fräulein Maria”. The story prompt for this episode was the photo below, and it was inspired by Todd Keisling’s book The Smile Factory. Todd Keisling also contributed a story to this episode, and that is pretty darn cool.


I had a pretty clear idea right away of what kind of story I wanted to write for this episode, though it took me a while to get my protagonist right. It is the first time I’ve named a main character after myself… make of that what you will!

The three other stories on this episode are:

  • Eden Baylee – “Life is sweet”
  • Bill Kirton – “It’s All Relative”
  • Todd Keisling – “Human Resources”

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