New story in BENEATH CEASELESS SKIES – “The Root Cellar”


Today is turning out to be an awesomely exciting day. My story “The Root Cellar” is available right now in issue #251 of Beneath Ceaseless Skies. It’s only available to subscribers right now (will be free online later this month), and you can pick up a subscription at Weightless Books (mobi, pdf, or epub format available – and they’ll email it to a device of your choice!)

This story was partly inspired by my grandmother’s actual root cellar (and by the similarities between root cellars and barrows). BCS is one of my favourite zines, and I am just over the moon to have a story in this issue!

HUGE thanks to Scott H. Andrews for his thorough, thoughtful edits on this piece!

Photo via Wikimedia: VIEW OF WEST-ORIENTED ROOT CELLAR DOOR – Hans Ehlers Farm, Root Cellar, F Street, Papillon 18 Damsite, Millard, Douglas County, NE

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