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Writerly recap for February & March 2018 – stories published and sold, reviews, interviews & more

It’s been a busy couple of months, with lots of writing, lots of agonizing over writing, some rejections coming in (as they always do), and being promptly sent out again (as they always are). I also sold some new stories and some reprints: always nice to see your “old” stories get another kick at the can!


My latest columns at B&N SciFi & Fantasy

Stories in the wild

  • My story “The Guitar Hero” is in the brand new issue of Kaleidotrope. This is a story about rock’n’roll, guitars, friendship, and two middle-aged women fighting evil backstage.  Read it / support on Patreon.
  • My story “The Ghost in Angelica’s Room” is in the fantastic March issue of Flash Fiction Online. (CW: suicide). This is my third story at FFO, and I am so happy this rather dark story found such an excellent home. You can read the story for free, but you can also buy the issue, or support FFO on Patreon.
  • I have a new story in Abandoned Places, a new anthology from Shohola Press. My story is titled “A Strange Heart, Set in Feldspar”, and it is set in an abandoned mine in northern Sweden. Buy it from Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Indiebound / Indigo.
  • My story “Long As I Can See the Light” (a reprint from the anthology People Are Strange) is now available in the gorgeous hardcover edition of Alien Invasion Short Stories from Flametree Press. Buy it from Flametree Press / pre-order from Amazon.
  • You can read (or listen to) my story “The Troll Bridge”, written for the February episode of the Word Count PodcastRead it. / Listen.
  • You can also listen to my latest story for the Word Count Podcast, “Recovered Audio File #27 From Research Ship Trident [classified]”: Listen/Read it.
  • You can pre-order the 20th Anniversary issue of Mythic Delirium, with my story “Mothers, Watch Over Me” from Amazon right now: pre-order here.

Story sales

  • I sold one of my dog stories, “It’s Easy to Shoot a Dog” to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I’m so excited about this: BCS is one of my favourite zines as a reader and it’s a real pleasure to work with editor Scott H. Andrews. This is my second sale to BCS – “The Root Cellar” is also forthcoming there.
  • I also sold another short story, but the contract isn’t signed yet, so I’ll hold off on announcing the details!

I have sold three reprints: one I haven’t signed the contract for yet, but details will be forthcoming.

  • My story “Scent” (originally published in Flash Fiction Online in September 2016) will be appearing in Gallery of Curiosities.
  • My story “Seven Kinds of Baked Goods” (originally published in the anthology Just Desserts) will be appearing on The Overcast. (They did a wonderful job on my story “Long As I Can See the Light“!)


  • Charles Payseur of Quick Sip reviewed “The Ghost in Angelica’s Room” – read the review – and calls it: “a rather devastating read that you should definitely check out”. Huge thanks as always to Charles for his thoughtful and thorough review.
  • A. Merc Rustad includes “The Ghost in Angelica’s Room” on their list of favorite fiction from February and March, and has this to say: “Powerful, disturbing, emotional, haunting…”
  • My Shimmer story “Hare’s Breath” was mentioned in Locus – read it here – with Shimmer‘s editor Beth Wodzinski saying, “One story that seemed to strike a chord with readers was Maria Haskins’s ‘Hare’s Breath’.” (So thrilled about that mention!)

Bits & bobs

  • You can read an interview with me at Shohola Press, where I talk about my story in the anthology Abandoned Places: read it here.
  • I participated in two author Q&As at Flametree Press for the anthology Alien Invasion Short Stories, talking about story inspirations, and favourite tales.
  • I did a video interview for Flash Fiction Online‘s Patreon, and had so much fun talking to Anna Yeatts about writing, stories, rejections, and a whole lot more. Support FFO on Patreon to see the interview!

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